Doughnut Sloth Pastel case for Nintendo Switch


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Doughnut Sloth Pastel case for Nintendo Switch

The perfect company for your Nintendo Switch, a Doughnut Sloth Pastel case. The bundle that exists, but you never know you need it. The completely cute protection set for your Nintendo Switch included screen protector, button cover, shell cover, joy-con cover, travel case all in one. This package can be customized base on your need please choose wisely. 

The Nintendo Switch case comes with a limited-time bundle offer. Please see the picture information before purchase.

Lightweight and Durable:  Durable case cover made from premium soft TPU material.

Great Device Protection: The Strong layers of silicone panel can protect your Nintendo Switch for all kinds of potential damage in any circumstance while the soft inner material keeps your device free from scratches.

Strong and flexible case but still sit perfectly in your Nintendo Switch Dock Set.

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